After years of development since 2010, Go Seafood has expanded itself from a seafood import/export company to three manufacturing plants located in California, Washington and Alaska. It also has branches and seafood further processing facilities in China. Go Seafood is responsible for all parts of the supply chain, from harvesting/fishing to processing and distribution, in order to provide customers with fresh, sustainable and high-quality products.
We are dedicated to the protection of marine fishery resources and committed to working with the local fisherman and the people who have dedicated their lives to providing healthy, wild, high-quality and sustainable seafood. Through our own and affiliated fishing vessels in Pacific Ocean, fresh and live seafood factory in Washington and Alaska, seafood-processing plant in California, and other third party processing facilities and cold storages, Go Seafood can meet the demand and requirement of seafood for any program.
Our goal is to meet the needs of all our customers for seafood. Some of our most popular products include Dungeness Crab, Red Sea Urchin, Geoduck and Various Deep Sea Fish (Grouper, Tuna, Squid), Cold Water Shrimp, Wild Salmon , ready to eat sea cucumber, etc.


Sustainability is the core of our business. We strictly adhere to the highest standards in the industry and work hard every day to earn our customers’trust.  GoSeafood is fully committed to providing the market with the highest quality sustainable seafood now and in the future. Therefore, we must ensure the sustainability of our products.
“Sustainable Development” is deeply buried in our culture. We understand that sustainability is important not only to our seafood industry but also for all legacies we will leave for future generations.

Alaska office & Plant

D:5961 N Tongass Hwy, Ketchikan, AK 9990

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