Go Seafood logistics group plans, implements and controls an efficient and effective way of transporting seafood between point of origin and destination, in order to meet customer requirements.

The equipment used for fishing, storage, packaging, handling, temperature monitoring, transportation and distribution used by GoSeafood meets the corresponding sanitary standards.

The tank carrying the live water transport of fresh seafood has the function of ventilation, which can ensure the proper discharge of oxygen in the tank. All aspects of logistics and transportation have established a cold chain logistics information system, and maintain the continuity, integrity and openness of cold chain logistics information for traceability. 

The temperature of the working environment should be kept proper during the delivery of goods. Hand over according to the contents of the contract. The contents of the handover include, but are not limited to, the time, variety, quantity, grade, quality, packaging, temperature (wetness), production date, optimal consumption period and test report of the seafood in and out of the warehouse.

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