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Go Seafood is a full-service fresh and frozen seafood manufacture, processor and distributor based in Southern California, Washington, and Alaska.  We offer a wide range of services and have well-trained sales and customer service staff available to handle all of your seafood needs. Whatever your specifications are for seafood, we can handle them.  Our vast network of suppliers allows us to source what others cannot to fill all your menu needs. We are licensed and able to deliver fresh/live shellfish – crabs, shrimps, sea urchins, oysters and clams.
Go Seafood is dedicated to providing the healthiest seafood on the planet. Go Seafood manages all parts of the supply chain from harvesting/fishing to processing, and distribution in order to provide customers with fresh, sustainable, high-quality products. Our goal is to meet the seafood needs of all our customers. Some of our most popular products include Dungeness Crab, Squid, Sea Urchin, Geoduck clam, Spot prawns, Coon Stripes, Wild Salmon, Sea Cucumber and Various Deep Sea Fish. ( Halibut, Black cod, Rock Fish, etc.)


At present, Go Seafood has established a good working relationship with Native Americans in Washington and Alaska and is dedicated to providing our fishermen the best services and setting the direct market for all the seafood products to benefit our fishermen with better fishing income. At Go Seafood, we believe in giving back to the communities that we operate in and look for ways to help make a positive impact by providing food donations, offering jobs to our community through out the year and hosting of fundraising events, open house, and food party for the community. Go Seafood has also formed strong strategic cooperation with the main seafood resources in Mainland China including Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdao and other major seafood cities.


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